Crossing the Red Sea: Impossible Object Lessons

I thought that maybe I should list some alternatives for the impossible object lesson.  These are designed to go with the Sunday School lesson on Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

For some, the ice trick might be a little scary.  It seems too impossible to work, doesn’t it?  Well, here is the science concept behind the idea:



If you are afraid to try the actual experiment yourself, you could just play this YouTube video.  The problem is that of course this person never explains how this relates to the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  So, of course you will need to add that part in yourself.


Here’s another idea.  Eggs in salt water will float.  But, eggs in fresh water will not float.  It would be fun to let one or more of the students try to make an egg float in a glass of water.  Make sure they try enough times so that the entire class agrees it is impossible to make an egg float in water.  Then, use your own glass of salt water to make an egg float.  Use this to talk about how God did what seemed impossible to the Israelites when he moved the water of the Red Sea so they could cross.



Here’s one more impossible object lesson you could use.  Everyone knows you can’t stick something sharp in a balloon without it popping, right?



And, finally, make things float in the air without you touching them.



These great ideas should give you some options if the ice trick is a little too scary for you to attempt.  Also, remember that you could always show the actual YouTube video, if you really aren’t comfortable with doing it yourself.  Personally, I’m a little afraid that all the chatter in the video will distract from the meaning, but you should make your own decisions for your classroom.

Let me know what you think.  Do you know of any other “impossible” object lessons?

 Crossing the Red Sea:  Impossible Object Lessons

Michelle Rogers

Michelle holds a graduate degree in Curriculum and Technology as well as an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. Having been in the Assembly of God affiliation of churches for her entire life, she easily incorporates the knowledge of how kids learn into the way churches should be showing the gospel to kids. Her work experience includes elementary school teacher, preschool teacher, day care director, children's pastor, Missionettes coordinator, Sunday School teacher, and online college instructor. On the side, she blogs, reads and creates new web applications with PHP, mySQL, JavaScript and more.
 Crossing the Red Sea:  Impossible Object Lessons
 Crossing the Red Sea:  Impossible Object Lessons

6 thoughts on “Crossing the Red Sea: Impossible Object Lessons

  1. What a great way to demonstrate that “with God, all things are possible.” I love the science experiments and how they tie into the parting of the Red Sea. I shall tuck these away for my children when we get to this story. Thanks!

  2. I love all of these science experiments. I know the kids will love them too. They are right at that age that they don’t believe everything you tell them. They want to see proof or try it out. Using eggs in fresh water would be an easy way to teach them this lesson.

  3. I love the ice experiment and it is a good illustration for the lesson. I think we do need to be careful to point out though, if I used this kind of demonstration, that while miracles can have scientific explanations like these experiments do, part of the miracle is the timing. Even if we could explain, scientifically, how God parted the Red Sea, there is no explanation for the incredible, divine timing at work.

    • I agree with you completely. And, I know there are some who say that the reason the Israelites could walk across the Red Sea was because it was a time of year when the sea was almost dry — the sea would have only been a trickle under their shoes at that time of the year. But, there’s something you have to consider about that. Let’s pretend for a second that was the truth. Then, isn’t it an even bigger miracle that God used a small trickle of water under foot to wipe out the entire Egyptian army?

  4. I have been teaching catechism (Catholic Sunday School) for 8 years and never once did I think of using fun science experiments. Thank you so much for some great ideas. Our third grade year is all about Moses and the 10 Commandments so this is perfect for me. I look forward to reading more of your ideas.

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