Rahab and the Spies

Rahab and The Spies

Joshua Chapters 2 and 6

Most people may be familiar with the story of Jericho and how the walls fell.  Well, that isn’t our story for this week, but we’ll save that for another week.

Before the Israelites fought the battle of Jericho, they sent spies to find out what they were up against.

When these two spies went into Jericho it was dangerous.  They were able to find out information about the city of Jericho, but the King also discovered that they were there.

The King sent men to find the spies.  More than likely, he wanted to have them killed.  The entire city of Jericho didn’t believe in God and wanted to wipe anyone who did believe in God from the face of the Earth.

But Rahab was different.  She did believe in God, even though she lived in a city where that wasn’t even really allowed.  So, Rahab took the two spies into her house and hid them from the King’s men.  I’m sure this must have put her in a lot of danger, as well.  Rahab seemed to be more interested in doing what God wanted than in saving herself from the King.

After the soldiers left, Rahab even helped the spies escape.  Her house was conveniently located along the city wall, so they were able to escape by climbing out her window to the outside of the city.  Before the spies left, Rahab wanted them to promise that they would protect her, just as she had protected them.  This was a display of Rahab’s faith on two levels.  First, she showed her belief in God by protecting the spies.  Second, she demonstrated that she believed God’s people were powerful enough to overtake this undefeatable city.

The spies promised Rahab that they would make sure she was safe when the armies returned.  As a symbol of her faith in God, they told her to hang a red cord outside her window, so that the Israelite armies could see it.  They also told her to bring her entire family into her house because anyone in her house would be spared.

Rahab did exactly what they said and was spared because she believed and obeyed.

We can use this story to teach kids how to openly demonstrate our faith in God.

Rahab and the spies

 Rahab and the Spies

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 Rahab and the Spies
 Rahab and the Spies

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