Digital Bible Memory Verses For Children

Bible Memory Verses for Kids

When teaching Bible memory verses for kids, it is best to use short memory verses so that they can easily learn and remember them.  However, we all know that sometimes an entire verse is needed to get the point across.

There are things that can be done to help kids learn bible memory verses, even when they cannot be short.  One way is to provide the verse in a digital format with movement, color, action, and sound.  This captivates the attention of the kids, and actually helps them to focus on it and learn it without even trying.

These digital verses can be used as transitions or they can also be used as background music and video to keep interest and keep the kids lively during Bible memory verse games.  It reinforces the verse to the rest of the kids, who aren’t playing the game.

We plan an releasing a free digital memory verse once each week.  So, check back regularly to get a new free verse.  You can also subscribe to our page by RSS or email to be reminded of the free weekly verses.


Free Digital Bible Memory Verses For Children


You can download the avi version of the free memory verse for this week, here.


Sample Digital Bible Memory Verse


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