Sunday School Stories

David and Goliath.  The Walls of Jericho.  Daniel in the lions’ den.  These are just a few of the amazing Sunday School stories that you may have grown up with, if you were fortunate enough to be old enough to have Sunday School.  But, sadly, times have changed.  In many churches, Sunday School has gone the way of the dinosaur.  Even among kids who regularly attend church, many of them can no longer retell the exciting and instructional Bible stories, that were so common in Sunday School lessons.  Sunday School Stories were useful for entertainment (even though they were true) and instruction.

Picture a wide-eyed group of boys and girls, listening intently to a lively, animated teacher as they relate the story of how the Israelites stopped marching and began to make as much noise as they could.  Then, the walls of Jericho began to crumble in front of their very eyes.  Through the lively and animated words of the Sunday School teacher, the students almost feel as if they are there, living the story with the Israelites.  Depending on the ages of the students in the class, the teacher might even have them stand and march around their chairs and then scream as loud as they can.  How much more exciting and entertaining could it be!   The students in the class are engaged and encouraged to attend and keep attending because they receive quality entertainment.

But, if entertainment was the only reason for Sunday School, then there would be no reason for Sunday School.  There are many places that kids can go today and get quality entertainment.  There are even many ways that kids can bring quality entertainment directly into their homes.   If we are only going to use Sunday School stories as a form of entertainment, we probably cannot compete with the other forms of entertainment that have billions of dollars in their budgets.

But, the stories in Sunday School were so much more than entertainment.  They taught us truths.   They taught us life lessons.  We were able to take the things we learned in Sunday School and apply them to our daily lives. We were inspired by the Three Hebrew boys who refused to bow to the King.  They encouraged us to know that we could make a strong stand for God and that we would be in His protection, when we did.

Sunday School stories entertain.  They inspire.  They teach. They meet a need that is no longer being met, in many churches.  Make a change.  Bring Sunday School lessons back to our children who so desperately need them.


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